The bee-keeper’s Book Club

What are you reading?

Organized by Pat Harrison, owner of HarBee Beekeeping, with the input of other bee-keepers


The Bee-keeper’s club a place to bring want you to have learned from your own bees and teach others what you know while learning from other as they are bringing what they know. Meeting monthly at HarBee Beekeeping’s Headquarters.
What is read and want the topic of discussion is completely up to those that join us. Know of something that you think everyone should read? Let us know and join us for a discussion.

novermber meet-up

Why start? What are your goals in keeping bees? In the first couple pages of Brother Adam’s book “beekeeping at Buckfast Abby” he mentions why he is a bee-keeper. Why he keeps bees is vital to understanding why he does some of the management manipulations that he does.

Next Event

November 10th, 2022, 7pm

Why are we bee-keepers?

What we are reading

Currently Bother Adams Beekeeping at Buckfast Abby up to page 25

HarBee is currently sold out of copies of Beekeeping at Buckfast Abby but if you would like you can barrow my (Patrick’s copy)
HarBee HQ
408 US-206
Newton, NJ 07860

Get in touch

You can email Pat anytime at This is my way to learn from you.

just like the saying “I don’t know everything because you have yet to teach me what you know.” Pat welcomes you to the book club hosted by him and HarBee Beekeeping


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