Candles and Bee Wax

NA Group

100% bees wax candles burn longer, brighter and cleaner than any other type of candle on the market.

Hand Poured in NJ

care really goes into making every candle that we sell. Each candle is hand poured in Northern NJ my owner and beekeeper Pat Harrison. By purchasing a candle you are not just getting a great produced but you are getting one that ad another layer of sustainability to HarBee Beekeeping operation.

Our Wax

Starting with pure bees wax that is sources as a by product to honey production. We aren’t taking precious wax combs from the bees. When honey is stored away by the bees the cap each cell with a small amount of wax, that’s they wax that we need to remove to harvest and the wax that is in our candle.

Pure Bees wax candle

Nothing more than pouring the hot wax around wick is how our pure bees wax candles are made. With a sweet scent to them they truly are a superior candle


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