Invasion Honey


Honey from the single nectar source of Knot Weed, an invasive plant (hens the name). Knot weed is flowering when other plants are, so we are able to harvest twice a year, the second of which is this gem.

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Knotweed is an invasive plant species that flowers late August – early September during a time that nothing else is flowering in Northern NJ. This allows us at HarBee to single out and provide you with honey that is exclusively from the knotweed plant.


Invasion honey is defiantly the most flavorful honey that we know of. Can be described as having a slight licorice flavor that accompanies the classical honey flavor.


How we do it? It is easy, in July we harvest all the honey that the bees have made from May to that time. Then we add the boxes back onto the bee hives from them to fill with Knotweed honey. because knotweed is the only thing flowering with a rich nectar source the bees are only making honey from it.

Knotweed honey can be used for all the typical wild flower honey, but many use it to highlight the unique flavor. Founder Pat Harrison makes a killer sweet potato and Invasion honey.

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