Virtual Classes

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All classes are funded through the sale of honey and candles. Thank you to all of those that buy and support!

Bee Diseases and What To Do

February 24th 7pm

  • Mite treatments and timing them with the year
  • Pease read pages 159, 172-186 before coming is it will be assumed that you did so

What will the First Couple Weeks of having bees look like

March 3rd 7pm

  • Installing your nuc and the first couple weeks follow
  • This class with be heavy on questions so bring them!

Reading the Frames

March 10th 7pm

  • When you see something in your colony you can only do something about it if you understand at what you are observing.

Dearth and Feeding

June 9th 7pm

  • Talking about dearth and feeding
  • Issues that might happen with Formic treatment
  • Honey harvest: do’s and don’t

How to Winterize Your Bees

August 11th 7pm

  • Winterizing
  • What are the bees and the mites doing this time of year?

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