Are they Bees?

The the spring there are a TON of different things happening. When temperatures increase insects and other animals were ether emerging from there winter dormancy or migrating up from the south. In this post I want to review some of the different insects that are called “bees” while also defining some of the terms that are used by beekeepers.

You might have found this page while on the web or you might have been sent here of more info by me (Pat Harrison) because I think using photos are the best way to figure out want you are dealing with.

A Swarm

Honey bees swarm when a strong colony of about 60k is coming out of winter and half the bees leave in an attempt to reproduce. It is the nature reproduction system of honey bees and a beekeeper would work hard to prevent this form happening, but that is not always possible. Also this swarm could have came from a colony that is already living in a tree of building

This bees are looking for a place to move into. A tree cavity or an uninsulated shed would be the type of place these bees are looking to move to.

What to Do

Call a beekeeper (201) 543-3549 While the swarm that is on the tree, branch the way they are in the photo above they are looking for a place to move into, so the race is on. To a beekeeper a swarm is an assent and HarBee will come out to collect it for FREE or will refer some one that will do it for you.

For you wait, they will fly away and move into a tree or building near by and than a trap out or cut out will be needed.

Cut Out

A cut out is when the building or house needs to be cut open and the bees will be removed. If the bees are left in the wall, they will die and the bio mass the size equivalate of a cat will be dead in the wall leading to a host of issues. Call Pat for if you have any questions about want to do 201-543-3549

A trap out is a little more complex and beyond the scope of this post.

Another photos of a swarm Please send photo to Pat at (201)543-3549 and he will call you after looking to the photos

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