Host a Hive

Pat Is holding Queen cells that will soon become queen bees part of our sustainable beekeeping

Keeping Honey Bees is now made easy with the Good Beekeeper Plan

The Good Beekeeper Plan

The Good Beekeeping plan is hands off beekeeping for the residents of New Jersey. HarBee offers a full service honey bee management experience at your home. Best compared to a high end aquarium in a doctors office, the bees, the woodenware they live in, and the honey they make is yours while HarBee keeps your bees healthy.

Taking Part in Sustainable Agriculture

Hosting hives in your yard in New Jersey presents a unique opportunity to improve the resilience’s’ of our food system. Bringing agriculture into a corner of your yard you can make 60 pounds of honey in one year.

Your bees will be involve in HarBee’s bee breeding program and managed as a example that food can be grown in suburban and urban parts of the Garden State.

We perform monthly or as needed inspections and harvest the honey for your and deliver it back to you when it is ready.

Send Pat an email for more info on pricing availability.

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