The Third Opinion

Welcome, here I post idea, educational content, and general bee-keeping thoughts and opinion. If this is your first time here, please ready the first post, and origin story for the name, The Third Opinion.

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  • Bees and Mental Health

    June was, is, men’s mental health month. While it is the end of the month, I would like to address some of the things I see and about which I … Continue reading Bees and Mental Health Read more

  • The Summer Solstice

    The longest day of the year, the shortest night, the first day of summer. I often thing about the history of bee-keeping, bee-mastering and in general animal husbandry not just … Continue reading The Summer Solstice Read more

  • The Jersey Bear

    This is the first of what I expect to turn into many posts, not about the actual issue at hand, bear, but of a larger conversation we must have as … Continue reading The Jersey Bear Read more

  • Do your Rain-Dance

    Boy-oh-boy is it dry. We haven’t gotten any real rain here in Sussex County, or northern NJ for that matter in about 3 weeks. This doesn’t have much of an … Continue reading Do your Rain-Dance Read more

  • What bees Should I get?

    A lot of consideration in bee books is given to the questions of “what bee should be used” in your apiary. This often confuses many people that are starting in … Continue reading What bees Should I get? Read more

  • The hobby of keeping bees.

    For me the keeping of bees is one of many hobbies. My royal standard English dictionary (1813) and my Merriam-Webster (2022) defines the word hobby as what we passionately like … Continue reading The hobby of keeping bees. Read more

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