What is HarBee Beekeeping:

HarBee Beekeeping is a suburban beekeeping operation based in Bergen County NJ with the goal of developing a more sustainable food system through a love for honey. Being both ecological and socially sustainable is important to HarBee Beekeeping. Using the most up-to-date scientific information HarBee works to produce honey the best honey nature will allow. 

Having and Hosting Honeybees

Keeping honeybees today requires constant management and attention and that is were HarBee Beekeeping comes in. We will do everything from building and supplying the bees to the monthly seasonal management.

Your bees, your honey, we are the beekeepers worry free beekeeping is here! The difference between keeping bees and having bees is knowing the biology needed to take care of them correctly, as they need year round care. Pat Harrison, owner and beekeeper, knows the biology and has to tool to make sure your bees are healthy and strong.

The Short Story

Pat Harrison, the owner and beekeeper, graduated from Bergen Community College and went on to get a BS in Environmental Science from Ramapo College. Growing up in Dumont NJ Pat earned the rank of Eagle Scout while always having a love for the nature world. During Pat’s time in school that love for the natural world developed into an obsession with honeybees and agriculture.

Not wanting to wait for the government to make sweeping and meaningful environmental change and action, Pat founded HarBee Beekeeping. HarBee is built on the beliefs that 1) we need that start to grow food in our urban and suburban areas 2) We need to do it in a way that is environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

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