Store Hours:

Friday – Sunday 10am to 5pm

408 US 206, Newton, NJ 07860

Based in Newton NJ and working bees across the northern half of New Jersey, HarBee’s goal is to share our love for honey while developing a more sustainable food system.

The Short Story

Patrick Harrison is the owner and beekeeper at HarBee. Growing up in Dumont NJ, Pat earned the rank of Eagle Scout while cultivating a love for the natural world. During Pat’s time in school, that love for the natural world developed into an obsession with honeybees and agriculture. Patrick is a graduate of Bergen Community College and earned his B.S. in Environmental Science from Ramapo College.

Having and Hosting Honeybees

Keeping honeybees today requires constant management and attention, which is where HarBee Beekeeping comes in. We will do everything from building boxes and supplying the bees to monthly seasonal management.

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Keeping up with the HarBee Blog gives you insight as what we are up to in the bee yards!

The start of a Project

I has been almost a year where the project I start with this article has existed only in my head. It started with obsession with the dictionary, something I have a small collection of. Dictionaries both physical and in pdf form, ranging from the year 1722 to 2022, and use them to sort out my…

The Smoker

The Smoker is the number one tool needed my all bee-keepers. A basic crowbar or a knife can replace a hive tool to break apart the bee-hives. But nothing can replace smoke. To understand why you have to understand how honey bees communicate. You may have heard of the waggle dance; this is a demonstration…

Wordsmithing; a case of the use for the Hyphened bee-keeper

What am I a bee-keeper or beekeeper; Is the hobby called bee-keeping or beekeeping? The latter is “modern” spelling and want what is commonly used and most of my readers would have never even seen the use of the hyphenated bee-keeper until my last post. I am trying to develop the habit of not relaying…

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