100% American Made

  • This holiday season we hope that it is on the forefront of all of our minds that we need to shop local and buy American! All of our honey is locally produced all of our candles of poured here in New Jersey! That means there is no waiting off shore in a cargo ship and one less point of contact to raise the price.
  • It would be beating a dead horse if I told you the price of everything is going up. It is the assumption with are getting pounded with this out of control inflation because of large and complex supply chains that are stretched across many counties. HarBee is working not just to source this sustainably but also we are working in ways to create American jobs. For an example, we simply don’t have enough bees to make all the wax that we need for our pure bees wax candles, so we work with two different beekeepers for New Jersey and New York and buy their wax for our candles.
  • Another example being our newest upgrade of a labeling machine. The team at Easy Labeler does the same in their sourcing of the plastics and medals needed for the machines they make.

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