Our Honey

1-pound to 5-pound jars available

Always 100% local and raw.

What is “wild flower” mean

Honey bees will exploit any and all plant nectar sources through out the late spring and summer. That nectar comes into the hives at about 80% water. The bees dehydrate it and ad some enzymes, it is considered honey when it is 15-18% water. “Wild flower” is used because many different nectars make up this honey.

How are our bees cared for?

It is HarBee’s mission to make sure that our bees are cared for in a sustainable fashion. That means keeping up-to-date on the more current best practices. Increased pests and climate change have put presser on bees and it is our job to ensure that we manage our bees in a way that will foster both ecological and social sustainably.

With so much manipulation to the honey that is on the shelf you can’t trust that it is even honey, unless you know the beekeeper. You can trust my honey, you can know your beekeeper. If you really want, call me.

Pat Harrison, Owner and beekeeper, (201) 543-3549

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