5-Frames Nucleus colonies of bees



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So, you need bees? This is where to start. Each Nuc comes with 5-comb-frames of bees. With a minimum of 3 frames containing brood. There are scheduled to arrive on or about April 20th, 2024.

If the above sentence is a bit to jargon-y that is okay. My (Patrick) goal is to make sure you get not only the best bees for keeping in New Jersey, but we follow up on all your educational needs.

We have a bunch on online videos for your watching so that you are armed with the education needed. When you purchase this, you will automatically be sent weekly content to help you get ready.

Also, you can stop by and talk about bees with me (Patrick) every Friday at 12:30 1:30 or 2:30 during our free bee-keeping demos.

Buy now as price will increase in January.

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