What bees Should I get?

A lot of consideration in bee books is given to the questions of “what bee should be used” in your apiary. This often confuses many people that are starting in bee-craft. And there is no graceful way to answer this question without attaching a sales pitch to it, something that will inherently make me should bias. I will try answer this question in two ways. First, I will address it as if you, my reader, asked me. Then, in time, I will address it as I address it in my own operation by sharing some of my plans and goals from the coming years.

The bee that the first-year bee-keeper should use is that which is sold with the advice of the seller. Buy your bees from someone who will answer your call, email, or letter when you have a question about those bees. By them locally from a club, experienced bee-keeper, or local bee-business. There are few people that will not try to help you become successful in your craft after your bees are taken home.

My sales pitch for nucs is that my goal is to sell you mite controls and glass jars after a successful harvest of honey. I sell nucs and I don’t want to sell bees to the same person twice. While that is difficult it is the goal. The nucs I sell come with my mite management plan and email when you have questions. The way that I see it is I am selling you bees and advice, your questions that you will have can be given to me as it is built into the price of the bees that I sold you.

So how do I ask myself the same question? How did I choose the bee that I have chosen? What bee is it? This unlocks so much and is the topic of many future articles.

I like to think about thinks two time scales: a 100-year scale and a 1000-year scale. Since my biology limits me to so many years, but they didn’t build the pyramids only thinking about themselves. This year I am going to be starting my own venter into the art and science of raising queens.

Many people recommend that second- or third-year bee-keepers dabble in the craft and here I am in my sixth and doing so. More to be written

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