Bees and Mental Health

June was, is, men’s mental health month. While it is the end of the month, I would like to address some of the things I see and about which I read on the internet that pertains to both bees and mental health. There is one video that is floating around Instagram that mentions that honeys mum at a particular note that is culming the bee-keepers (here is a link to the video).

While I am quick to dismiss the vibration and healing aspects that are mentioned there is definitely something to being intone and in touch with communication other than spoken human language. I believe animals frequently can understand what we mean sometimes even when there is the greatest language-barrier. For an example, my father earlier this year was in Tennessee and came across a deer caught up in barbed-wire. He approached the animal, telling her that he was going help and that it was going to be okay. The calm and coolness in he’s voice, and his body language, communicated to the deer that he is a friend and was there to help. Like a purr of a cat that wants to snuggle as-opposed-to and cat that is growling at you.

I think we bee-keepers and people that are around any other animal that is under their care and start to understand how they communicate. This is what I would call “being tapped in”. With out word you feel want they mean. It is hard to explain without being in front of a colony. This ties into the mental health as it those tools we developed in the bee-yard and be used when it is time to listen to our own feelings. Maybe bees are good for our mental health because we are left with tools to untangle our own complicated knots. And with-it being men’s mental health month I want draw a deeper comparison and say that it is just as important to approach that inner monster just as would a deer in the woods caught in wire or a colony on honey bees. With the inner monster you’re not going to be left stings in the face, but you’re not alone with the dealing with the hurt that does exist.

I am going to be posting more events for you to come out and meet the bees. I will also be hosting an event once a month to come out and chat. I look forward to having the chance to better explain things, when bees are around.

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