What to give 100%?

I heard in a someone recently say this, “a secrete to the universe is to do your best, not because even if you don’t succeed you would be able to say ‘at least you did your best’, but because if you truly do your best – if you give it 100 percent of your life energy 100 percent of the time – you cant fail.”

A couple months ago in conversation with a friend I realized maybe I should probably get more vulnerable and open with my side of this bee business. Tell my story as I so often have people me if “I am HarBee” or call me “HarBee” as if that is my name. I think in telling this story I will be able to actually give my best.  

I am HarBee, sometimes it feels like I am nothing else. Nothing but just ‘the bee-guy’ people know. And on my end, it is imploding on me. I am struggling to exist in this weird world pushed into an existence where I can go days without talking to anyone other than customers for a system that has me on the air bed of a corner office of 2 years I am starting to think the economics don’t work the way that I have hoped, you can’t do good while doing well here in New Jersey with honeybees.

I plan to restructure HarBee; I plan to restructure my life. There is a part of me that wants to do this by restarting HarBee. I want to sell everything all the honey, all of the candles, everything but bees and the equipment that is mine, then take a year off, maybe go back to school while only selling honey at handful of stores and markets and then come back to it all. I just struggle with how to actually make all that happen, but it is only in the writing of this blog post that I think that is they way. I think that is my next move. I think that is how I am able to give 100%; how I think I can “save the bees”.

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