Looking for Bee-Yards

I am currently raising money to buy more bees on through Kickstarter And once that is completely funded I will have start finding places for the bees. I would like to start the process of finding apiaries now even though I not completely funded.

Here is a link to the kickstarter page at which I am raising money.

If you are in Sussex County and willing to host bees on your property I would love to connect.

I would need an area 20 by 30 feet and I will build and maintain an electric fence for bears.

Inside the fence I will put 6-pallets four will be for bees, two for equipment that is not being used that moment.

I offer a case of honey a year (12 pounds) as rent, 2 cases if I am able to put a small shed / large box inside the bee-yard.

Below are some photos of hives and apiaries for reference.

If you are interested, please send me an email with the form below. The reasons I am asking for your address is so I can map out where I would like to go. If you are too close an existing apiary I will decline.

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