ONE Two Three… go go go

I have had many false starts this year. It started out with an ambitious goal to do 100 speaking events, I bought all the stuff to raise queens and it fell short, then there was again another ambitious idea of raising money to buy land and upgrade into a proper honey packing facility. All burning out for similar reasons with all the blame organization and both natural and unnatural distractions. The next 30-days I plan to use as a kind of mediation, a recentering, where I will regroup my thoughts, ideas, and ambitions.

My ambition is to continue to keep bees here in Jersey providing local honey to those that want it. But that ambition brings me to a chicken-egg issue, one where if I put supply ahead of the demand, I will be left in dyer straights. So, I want to step away, recenter, and come back to this extremely ambitious lifestyle after a month of reorganizing. For me it is November 1, 2023 and you reading this with 30 blog post, a slew of other content what I will call make this my RE-kickstart. 

This re-kickstart is one of a doubling down on the path on which I already am. To be explained more in future post this means taking the 200-hives that I have today buying more, bring the total to about 1000 over the course of 3-years. The economics of keeping bees for-profit is that it needs to be supplemented with ether pollination services or with honey that is produced from other operators. For me at the time it is supplemented by other honey (like my blue berry honey) and subjecting myself substandard living. Whoops.

Over the next 30-day I am going to walk you through my business plan to make it all happen: my plan to do well (be able to live here in New Jersey – not on an airbed) and do good. I am going to structure this future existence so that the amount of good, how much my actual income that is derived from honey bees and the amount of honey I sell are all in the same proportions regardless of the scale.

There is nothing that would me happier than to be able to continue connect my existence with the existences of the honeybee. “If they go, we go” a meme I see every once in a while. I want to be so intertwined that I am able to say it isn’t possible to “they go” because I am not going anywhere.

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