What is Real?

I have a couple slightly unrelated thoughts that brought me to the writing of this blog, but where they are related, I felt it to me significate and so I wrote.

What is real and what are you reading

A couple weeks ago a friend and fellow farmer said to me “it is what it is” which is a saying that I dislike on a spiritual level. It is what it is now but it has not always been like it is. There is something deeper and with distractions we never break the surface. I don’t like the phase “it is what it is” because how ever it was when they build the pyramids, stone henge and the other great world cathedral it couldn’t have been what it is now.

In the way the cathedrals of the past are real and I am setting out on a quest to build my own. I do this in two ways – I do and I write. You are currently reading my writing, my imperfect articulation of inner expression. Then there is my work.

The work expressed as plans in past post is my mark, my cathedral. The bees we will start to bred in 2024 are like those that will exist the way that the Lamarckii bee (the bred of honey bee found in Egyptian regain) is likely the descendants of the bees managed by those that kept bees as-opposed-to building the pyramids.  

What isn’t real is the photo to the left (that I will add to once it is ready). There is no bear in that bee yard (at this moment) as it is simply an AI Generated addition to a photo of the bees, I keep at Sweet Leaf Farm in Andover New Jersey. This blog is my expression – that photo is Media. And because we have been saying that the media is the devil in one way or another for 150-years (1) I wanted to talk about the difference.

This bog, are real, it is may expression in its fullest. The typos, I am sorry I am always improving myself, while I also have this feeling that what I feel and what I am about to do is worth doing poorly. The blog that you are reading is in this time and it keeps me to the work that is in the timeless time.

The Goals of HarBee and want I shamelessly will outsource to AI

That said I ponder the use of media – a dark art in my book – to bring you to this post, my true expression. That is why there may have been a Facebook or Instagram capitation that you read that was written with the help of AI (Chat GPT) what I do is this: I give the AI my blog – this blog – and ask it to write a caption to a photo, or video, I made encouraging people to come and read my full blog – to come and read and eat some great honey, burn some great candles and visit some friendly bees – this is my art.

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  • Article from 1906 talking about how the media is the devil. If you really want the citation I will respond to an email and Update this blog after you message.

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