Beekeeper and HarBee’s founder Pat Harrison will be putting on a free virtual educational programing every week with the intent to educate people of New Jersey of all ages about our 6-legged friends. All age groups are welcome to any of the classes below, but for the most part information will be presented in a way for those a little mature.

** Classes with asterixis are part of HarBee’s beginners beekeeping course and might require you to have watched live the the recording of passed videos to fulling understand.

Have a Question? Ask by posting your question to HarBee’s Educational Facebook Group for all the learn or email

Upcoming in Person – Live Bee Demonstration and Classes

Each field day will cost 50 dollars per person and will take place at Metropolitan Farms in Closter New Jersey

June 26th (rain date 27rd)

You much email RSVPing as space is limited

Upcoming Virtual Classes

There is not Virtual classes scheduled but if you are interest is something please send Pat an email at

Recent Virtual Classes with links to videos you can CLICK HERE

Fund Future Free online Classes

These free online classes are paid for though honey, candles, and nuc sales, but if you are not a customer and want to support please consider giving that you can. The “price” to this bottom is set to 1-Dollar as a default.


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