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Is beekeeping right for you? Is Beekeeping Right for you?
  • In this class we cover want you will need to know in your first year. This video is just to get you interest in bees and beekeeping. The basic life cycle of the honey be is covered.
Seasonal Cycle of a Honey Bee Colony
  • In this video the seasonal life cycle of a honey bee colony is review along with way it is important in the first place to understand the seasonal cycle of the colony. This is the second of a 8 part free online course thought.
Honey Bee pest and Diseases – Pat Harrison
  • There was a little bet of technical difficulties in the middle of this talk and I apologize. I will however be making my own mite wash video soon
The First Couple Weeks of managing your bees

In this video I take about installing a nuc into full-size equipment and what you need to be thinking about your first weeks of keeping and managing bees.

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Understanding the frame with HarBee

Pat Harrison reviews 10 frames of bees and discuses that is seen and what should be done to fix any issue. This is part of HarBee’s Free online class.

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