The Third Opinion

Amongst beekeepers there is a saying that goes, “when you ask two beekeepers want to do you get three opinions”. While at the same time if you ask just one beekeeper you find that they only have one opinion. From whence does the third opinion come? My belief is that it comes from the listener, the person that asked those two beekeepers for their opinion and then internally he or she forms the third opinion.

This blog is my opinion, a third opinion, formed from want I learn from my own bees and other people that have much more experience them me. This blog is going to be my attempt to lay out the logical reasoning for why I do what I do so that you can 1) do what I do, 2) use my logic to do something more fitting for your area, and or 3) correct me and steer me on the right direction. This blog is from my students to get my advice and for my teachers to correct me if they think that I am wrong.

This blog is also my way to study and improve my beekeeping knowledge. I plan to take the EAS (Eastern Apiculture Society) Master Beekeepers exam in the summer of 2023 and find that the part of college that I miss most is the assigned tasks that are given to me. I will assign myself post that need to be written so I focus my attention on one issue or aspect of the subject. Some of the post that I plan to right are:

  • How to develop a mite management plan.
  • Keeping bees in X month. This would be a monthly post
  • My Time in Australia. I plan to travel to Australia in January 2023 as I think it will be my last chance to see a Varroa free hive.

I would also like to ask you want you would like to read. You have made it this far in this first post. What question do you have; Is there a topic about which you would like to know more; What do you wish was on the above list? Let me know, with the form below.

This blog is also an exercise in my writing in general. If you told the 13-year-old version of Pat Harrison that he will be writing something that is meant to be read by others, he would have laughed in your face. I was “diagnosed” to have dyslexia in 7th grade and was taught how read and write in 8th grade using the Orton Gillingham methods of teaching. This way of teaching gave me the ability to really read and write the way that a person that needs glasses can kind of see but with glasses they can really see. In a way this blog is a nod to little Pat.

This blog is funded through the sale of honey, candles, bees, and beekeeping supplies. If you enjoyed this post, please consider me before your next purchase.

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