Mission Statement

HarBee Beekeeping is founded in the spring of 2018 by Pat Harrison while his was graduating from Ramapo College with a degree in Environmental Science. With a fascination with science, agriculture, business, and of course honeybees Pat wanted to get down and dirty to start to build a more sustainable food system. 

Pat holding a beautiful frame of bees Photo By Katie Cabrera 

To HarBee Beekeeping sustainability means the system is question most be maintained for many generations to come. For something to be maintained it most be Ecologically, Socially, and Economically sustainable. 

Ecologically: HarBee uses to most up-to-date scientific information to make sure to both the bees that are being managed and the planet that supports the bees (and everything else) are healthy 

Socially: There is a major disconnect that exists between the average person and the food that they eat. Since HarBee is still a small operation education of garden clubs, town environmental commissions, and other community groups is what HarBee Beekeeping is focusing one at this moment. If you would like your club or organization to host a talk about honeybees are agriculture, please contact use.

Pat Harrison teaching about bees at HRFA event

Economically: HarBee is an open book, as us any question and we will answer (or at least try) and if we are being honest if is the belief of HarBee that nothing can be sustained if it isn’t playing to the lively hood of its employees. Currently no one is earns a salary for HarBee Beekeeping as it is a business in its early grow stages. It is the goal to pay for a modest living for the employees of HarBee.

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