Swarm Recovery Group

WhatsApp Swarm Group

As a public service, HarBee will maintain a WhatsApp group chat to respond to swarm calls around the northern part of the state. HarBee gets a lot of calls from towns, police, exterminators, and the general public, who all want to help honeybees and want to do it correctly. We can’t respond to all of the calls that we get, but we still want to help.

The way that it will work is:

  1. HarBee will get a call about a swarm and post into the group chat. The posts in the group chat will describe 1) where the swarm is, 2) how high it is and whether a ladder is needed, 3) the person whom you should contact and tell them you are coming.
  2. On a first come first serve basis, if you can respond to the swarm within 30 minutes, you text into the chat stating that you are calling dibs. Once dibs is called, that swarm is your responsibility.
  3. After this, there should be no other texts into the chat or it will become bogged down with non-swarm conversation. If you would like to discuss the swarm in a post on Facebook or other social media, please tag HarBee Beekeeping when you do so.
  4. Swarms mentioned in this group shouldn’t be posting in other places (Facebook or other swarm group) to prevent redundancy. The same doesn’t posting a swarm you see on Facebook or a swarm about you are told through another swarm group.

If you want to pass on a Swarm

If you have been contacted and want to pass on a swarm, text Patrick directly with the following information:

  1. Where it is (full address)
  2. How high it is
  3. The name and phone number of the person that should be contacted
  4. Any other information that you feel is necessary

To be added to the list, email Patrick by filling out the form below. He will send you a link to join the chat.

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