The Third Opinion

Welcome, here I post idea, educational content, and general bee-keeping thoughts and opinion. If this is your first time here, please ready the first post, and origin story for the name, The Third Opinion.

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  • Beekeeping in April

    This spring has come on fast and has pushed all HarBee’s spring Management up about a week. For most of the hives they have been reversed and equalized. What reversing … Continue reading Beekeeping in April Read more

  • I have a Question: Robbing Lure

    This post is for me to present the research topic that HarBee Beekeeping will be looking into in 2020’s growing season. It isn’t a how-to, but if you feel that … Continue reading I have a Question: Robbing Lure Read more

  • History of Varroa

    This Article was written as an assignment for the Apprentice Level Beekeeper course through the University of Montana. I put a lot of work into the paper and felt like … Continue reading History of Varroa Read more

  • Resources for the New Beekeeper

    HarBee Beekeeping offers a handful of things to get people started with having bees in your yard. If service is related to bees, we do it! For the hobbyists that … Continue reading Resources for the New Beekeeper Read more

  • Mission Statement

    HarBee Beekeeping is founded in the spring of 2018 by Pat Harrison while his was graduating from Ramapo College with a degree in Environmental Science. With a fascination with science, … Continue reading Mission Statement Read more

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