The Third Opinion

Welcome, here I post idea, educational content, and general bee-keeping thoughts and opinion. If this is your first time here, please ready the first post, and origin story for the name, The Third Opinion.

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  • March – The State of Beekeeping

    Beekeeping in March is an exciting time of year. Spring is here and the bees know it. This post is a simple update for you the beekeeper and the Non … Continue reading March – The State of Beekeeping Read more

  • 2022 Free Online Class Syllabus

    Get updates on all classes Simply provide your name and email to be put on the “First to know” list for email updates The HarBee Beginner Beekeeping class will take … Continue reading 2022 Free Online Class Syllabus Read more

  • Reduce & Reuse

    Part of our attempt at HarBee to simplify the supply chain that supplies HarBee and to support local business as a local business ourselves we bought a table from ReStore … Continue reading Reduce & Reuse Read more

  • 100% American Made

    Read more

  • Cottage Food Regulations

    Resent cottage regulation (N.J.A.C. 5:23-3.16) from the New Jersey Board of Health which legalized the sale of baked goods, and other kitchen requiring foods, by individuals to individual. It was … Continue reading Cottage Food Regulations Read more

  • Veil

    I had a couple questions about veil. What to buy, what not to buy. I was finding that they run a little big but if you normally get a medium … Continue reading Veil Read more

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