The Third Opinion

Welcome, here I post idea, educational content, and general bee-keeping thoughts and opinion. If this is your first time here, please ready the first post, and origin story for the name, The Third Opinion.

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  • The start of a Project

    I has been almost a year where the project I start with this article has existed only in my head. It started with obsession with the dictionary, something I have … Continue reading The start of a Project Read more

  • The Smoker

    The Smoker is the number one tool needed my all bee-keepers. A basic crowbar or a knife can replace a hive tool to break apart the bee-hives. But nothing can … Continue reading The Smoker Read more

  • Wordsmithing; a case of the use for the Hyphened bee-keeper

    What am I a bee-keeper or beekeeper; Is the hobby called bee-keeping or beekeeping? The latter is “modern” spelling and want what is commonly used and most of my readers … Continue reading Wordsmithing; a case of the use for the Hyphened bee-keeper Read more

  • HarBee Beginner Beekeeping Class

    HarBee Beginner Beekeeping Class

    The cornerstone of HarBee Beekeeping is education. We are constantly talking to beekeepers and none beekeepers simultaneously teaching and learning for all both groups of people. To have an organized … Continue reading HarBee Beginner Beekeeping Class Read more

  • The Third Opinion

    Amongst beekeepers there is a saying that goes, “when you ask two beekeepers want to do you get three opinions”. While at the same time if you ask just one … Continue reading The Third Opinion Read more

  • Swarm Recovery Group

    WhatsApp Swarm Group As a public service, HarBee will maintain a WhatsApp group chat to respond to swarm calls around the northern part of the state. HarBee gets a lot … Continue reading Swarm Recovery Group Read more

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